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A world dedicated to the promotion and appreciation of Afro-Caribbean culture.


A happy place where everybody is welcome. Let’s create together, connect with each other, spread the good vibes and embrace Afro-Caribbean culture.


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Trinidad and Tobago

Land of Soca and Calypso, Carnival, Steelpan, Doubles, Riddim Sections, Rum and happiness. 


Land of Dancehall and Reggae, good vibes and jamming, Ackee and Saltfish, Rum Punch, Blue Mountains and Rastafari.

The diverse musical world of the Caribbean has so much to offer: the mesmerizing riddims of Reggae, the powerful energy of Soca, the joyful sounds of Calypso, the catchy beats of Dancehall and so much more.

Caribbean music is pure joy for life. It makes us smile, forget our worries and move our bodies. At the same time it’s always a reflection of the life worlds and history of its creators.

Mento is as much about spreading music from the Caribbean as it’s about honoring its roots and informing about cultural backgrounds. We aim to encourage an understanding of deeper meanings and a considerate handling of Afro-Caribbean culture.

Living in the moment, being yourself and expressing yourself without limitations is freedom. It’s the kind of freedom Caribbean celebrations let us feel. They make us dance like nobody is watching and feel the vibes.

Caribbean celebrations are unique. They mean full enjoyment and at the same time are deeply spiritual. The atmosphere is bursting with energy. It is so powerful that everyone is going with the same flow.

But of course there is more to it than just entertainment. The rich cultural traditions behind various forms of Caribbean entertainment tell us a lot about history. Let’s take a deeper look to fully understand the soul and spirit of Afro-Caribbean celebrations.

The Mento community welcomes all fans and lovers of Afro-Caribbean music and culture as well as those who are interested to learn about it: creators as well as consumers, observers and participants. Mento provides space to connect, support each other or just have a good time together.

Let’s learn from each other and see our differences as chances rather than as obstacles. Mento aims to encourage the appreciation of other life worlds and the potential to get inspired by them.

We all share the love for the same thing. So let’s get together to pursue a goal which is bigger than us – the spread of Afro-Caribbean culture and the appreciation of its roots.

Island Stories

My name is Theres and I was 19 when I travelled to Jamaica for the first time. I fell in love with the island on the first day and came back many times since then. However, my love for the Caribbean goes beyond its white sand beaches and turquoise water. It’s the culture that captured my attention from the first moment: the riddims, colours, vibes, people and many facettes. It taught me so much about life and happiness. Now it’s time to share my experiences with you. Let me take you on a journey and show you those Caribbean treasures I was luckily able to discover.

What is Mento World?

Mento World is the website of the Austrian non-profit association Mento, an association dedicated to the mediation of Afro-Caribbean culture and, on a more general level, to the promotion of cultural diversity in Austria/Europe. Mento refers to the old Jamaican musical genre Mento and constitutes an acronym standing for Music, Entertainment and Togetherness.

Inspired by the goals of the association, this website is all about spreading Afro-Caribbean culture in Europe with a special focus on music and entertainment. Furthermore, Mento World aims at providing a platform for connecting supporters of Caribbean culture, both within Europe and between Europe and the Caribbean. The ultimate objective of the website is contributing to the appreciation of Afro-Caribbean culture and creating awareness of its roots and backgrounds.